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he notedHuawei is◆ a leading global pr◆ovider of infor●mation and c■ommunications techn◆ology infrastructure■ an

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d smart d○evices, including i●n the so-call○ed 5G area.Zhang sai●d the 5G technolog■y is a product ●of global o◆pen cooperation. 〓It is an outcome o〓f high-tech innov◆ati

f Huawei "has

on by the wh◆ole international c●ommunity and a good■ thing for ◆the whole ◆world."The global■ industrial●, supply and val●ue chains are ●highly intertwined i◆n this area

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〓 and cannot be art〓ificially and deli●berately cut ●by anyone," he said■.Please scan the Q●R Code to follow us● on Instagra■mPlease scan the〓 QR Code to ●follow us on We

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cha●tChina blames Canada●, urging U.S●. to stop see■king extradition○ of Huawei○ CFOChina blam○es Canada, urgin●g U.S. to stop s〓eeking extradition o○f Huawei CFO●China

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blam●es Canada, urging U●.S. to stop seeking ○extradition ●of Huawei C○FO01-23-2019 19:●11 BJTBEIJIN●G, Jan. 22&●nbsp; -- China on Tu◆esday urged Canada● to immediately r

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ele○ase Huawei Chief Fin●ancial Offic●er Meng Wanzhou an●d the Unit〓ed States to withdra●w its arrest warra■nt for her.For〓eign Ministry spoke●sperson Hua Ch◆unying made?/p>

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s are not s◆upporte

?the remarks at a r●egular news briefi〓ng after the Un■ited States inf〓ormed the Canadian 〓government that ●it planned t■o proceed with a fo


d by any〓 fact or e

■rmal request 〓to extradite Meng."C○hina has repeatedly◆ expressed its solem○n position on the● matter," the spo◆kesperson s●aid. "Anyone wi



th no■rmal judgment co●uld see that〓 the Canadia●n side has ●made a seri■ous mistake from■ the beginni○ng and Meng's case● is not an ordina


er I b●elieve that

●ry judicial○ case.""Canada ◆and the Uni○ted States ●arbitraril●y misused the● bilateral extradi■tion treaty betwe○en them, which h〓ad sev

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pol○itical sen

erely vi○olated Chinese● citizen's s〓afety and legiti◆mate r

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ights and ◆intere


sts," said Hua■, urging Canada t■o immediately r

  • el○ease Meng an◆d safeguar●d her legi●timate rights and● interests."The● Chinese si●de strongly urg◆es the United ◆States to correc◆

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  • t its mistake ●right away, with■draw the arre〓st warrant and st■op seeking extrad■ition for Meng," she■ added.According to■ r

    t global


  • eports, Richard ◆Fadden, who ●served as the ●head of the〓 Canadian Security I○ntelligence ●Service from 2〓009 to 2013, alle●gedly sugg

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om Canada's ◆5G networks

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that compl●etely viol○ate

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